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Mission Phoenix

Welcome to Mission Phoenix! Join Desert WAVE in their mission to provide greater autonomy to their robot submarine, Phoenix! This is an interactive game to help teach the public about the different stages of autonomy. This game is different from a traditional video game in that it becomes easier as you progress and upgrade Phoenix with new sensors and more sophisticated software. The idea is that the more intelligent these robots become, the less human interaction they require, and the more useful they become.

How To Play

Level 0 Controls:

  • Up arrow controls the top motor

  • Down arrow controls the bottom motor

  • Left arrow controls the rear motor

  • Right arrow controls the front motor

  • Hold down the space bar or the "a" button to reverse the directions of the motors


*Hint: to keep Phoenix from spinning, experiment with using combinations of two motors at a time. For example, try holding the left and right arrow keys at the same time.


Level 1 Controls:

  • Up arrow causes Phoenix to rise

  • Down arrow causes Phoenix to dive

  • Left arrow causes Phoenix to move in reverse

  • Right arrow causes Phoenix to move forward


Level 2 Controls:

  • Same as level 1, except now Phoenix will automatically stop when she detects a collision


Level 3 Controls:

  • Enter an arrow key to provide Phoenix with a direction  you would like her to move

  • Enter a number of feet (between 1 and 9) that you would like Phoenix to move in that direction


Level 4 Controls:

  • Click on an item of interest and Phoenix will figure out how to get there on her own


Level 5 Controls:

  • None, no human interaction is required!

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